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How it works

Connect with Gather My Crew is a new way to volunteer.

Our purpose-built platform links people needing support with people from their neighbourhood who are willing and able to lend a hand.

Local groups can register a ‘community support crew’ to be mobilised to help out within their neighbourhood.

Mindful of needing to be COVID-safe, we will be starting with the provision of food, garden maintenance and social connection.

Launching through three Local Government Areas in Victoria in December 2020 (Bayside, Yarra Ranges, Greater Shepparton), we hope to expand this offer throughout 2021.

Key Players

Via trusted referral partners, people needing support are linked to registered ‘community support crews’.

Community support crews are set up by a ‘crew lead’ and are full of wonderful ‘crew members’ ready to lend a hand.

Connect with Gather My Crew coordinates essential elements such as training, insurance, safety checks, codes of conduct, and governance.

Our platform is a safe and secure way to engage with your community, lend a hand to those who need it and meet other like-minded people.

Want to get involved?

Connect with Gather My Crew will launch in December 2020 in three Local Government Areas across Victoria.

If you live in Bayside, Yarra Ranges or Greater Shepparton and want to become a ‘Referrer’, a ‘Crew Lead’ or a ‘Crew Member’, please leave your details below and we will be in touch.

Key Partners

Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation
Volunteering Victoria

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