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Media Release: June 14 2024

Gather My Crew extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ben Davidson for his outstanding service as Board Chair.
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Debbie’s Story

The sudden passing of my husband in August last year came as an awful shock to me and my family...
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A story about asking for help

She went to bed feeling completely overwhelmed and woke to find every task she listed the day before had been accepted by friends just waiting ...
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Jacinta’s Story

Our daughter Audrey is 7 yrs old. She is such a beautiful and precious girl, who has endured multiple brain surgeries...
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Monica’s Story

Recently, I lost my brother, Joseph, to prostate cancer. Over the last months of his life, he became more dependent on me... I was struggling.
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Lore’s Story

My wonderful friendship group used GMC to communicate who was visiting and who was bringing me meals...
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Stephanie’s Story

It was a few days after I had gutted our laundry and bathroom when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was overwhelming...
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Jacqueline’s Story

Anyone can be THAT person. The one who puts their hand up to coordinate help for someone needing support.
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Chanel’s Story

My story began mid-May 2022. I was 37 years of age, and with very mild symptoms, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.
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Faye’s Story

After many tests and scans I heard the words nobody wants to hear, “You have cancer”. From there my world fell apart...
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Rachel’s Story

Within a couple of hours, we had a whole group of people who had been organised to drop off meals, take the girls to school...
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Caroline’s Story

We have no immediate family living nearby, so the support we received was invaluable and lasted for months.
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Lisa’s Story

Over the past 5 years, Lisa has been the main carer for her ageing parents who live in the same rural town.
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Richie’s Story

Within six months, Richie's prognosis had shorted to “six months to two years”.  We knew he was going to die...
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Jen’s Story

I first heard about Gather My Crew from the Cancer Council. It is so helpful to have all of my information in one place...
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Penelope’s Story

Events progressed along fairly quickly from that first mamogram, to biopsy, then a complete mastectomy...
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Lynette’s Story

Peter died during the Covid lockdown so support was very difficult. We were married for 40 wonderful years...
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Amanda, Fiona and Madeleine share their stories

Amanda set up a support crew, Fiona joined a support crew and Madeleine recommends Gather My Crew to her patients.
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Amanda, a Crew Captain

Amanda’s story

When her friend's little toddler was diagnosed with cancer, Amanda set up a support crew to help get the family through. Hear her talk about ...
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Josh’s story

His wife had some mental health issues that meant her ability to care for their children when under stress was unpredictable.
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User Story - Kat

Kat’s Story

At the age of 40, Kat was diagnosed with breast cancer. She needed the help of her 'support crew' to get through treatment and recovery.
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User Story - Merran

Merran’s Story

When Merran had a serious car accident, her daughter was able to set up a support crew to coordinate help for her at home - ...
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Fiona, a Crew Member

Fiona’s story

Fiona was part of a support crew for her friend Jodie. Hear her talk about what it was like to use Gather My Crew to ...
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Helen’s story

My daughter came running out to find me in a pool of blood, screaming in pain; I had broken my knee, wrist and nose but ...
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User Story - Martine

Martine’s story

I love helping others but find it unreasonably difficult to accept help from anyone, let alone ask for it...
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Madeleine, a Registered Nurse

Madeleine’s story

Madeleine talks about how Gather My Crew is used to support people following hospital discharge to get the care they need
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User Story - Jodie

Jodie’s Story

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Jodie needed help to get to her appointments. One day she was completely stuck, and so put a request up on ...
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Kayla’s story

Kayla's biggest concern was finding ways to keep the boys lives as 'normal' as possible despite the loss of their father.
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Frank’s story

Frank was a much loved member of the dog park community. You get to know people really well when you spend every morning with them... ...
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Sasha’s story

When Sasha's Mum died, friends kept saying 'let me know if I can help' but, numb with loss, she could not even think what she ...
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Roxanne’s Story

In the blink of an eye, Brendan was admitted to hospital and flown by Royal Flying Doctors to Brisbane – a 9 hour drive from ...
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Jock’s story

I didn’t seem able to reach out, to express vulnerability, to ask for help. In talking with a psychotherapist, I thought about others in similar ...
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Angelo’s story

"I can't tell you how much easier it is to cope with things when you know that help is on the way" he told me. ...
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Rohan’s Story

My cancer treatment was one hours drive away from my home - and I had to travel there every day.
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