Coordinate help for friends and family

Use our free technology to turn offers of ‘let me know what I can do’ into help that will make an impact. Trusted by Australia’s leading support organisations.

Illness, surgery, accident, sudden death or an ageing parent?

Use Gather My Crew to coordinate help from friends, family and neighbours.

Thousands of Australians have used our safe and secure platform since 2017.

Roster help such as meals, transport, childcare, home help and social connection.

Founded by health professionals who understand the power of getting the right help at the right time.

Join others who have used Gather My Crew to coordinate over 180,000 hours of help.

15,652 Social visits

36,976 Meals

3,764 Dog walks

5,183 Childcare 

7,488 Transport

Activate a ‘support crew’ in a few steps…

  1. Register with Gather My Crew
  2. Create a Support Crew
  3. Select the help needed from our list
  4. Send our digital invite to friends and family
  5. Friends and family select what help they can provide

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