Give Help

Every now and then, we all need a little help

When that person is somebody we care about, we’re eager to lend a hand. If that’s you, our app and Help Literacy resources can offer new ways to provide meaningful support.


We want to help, but don’t know what to do

Seeing someone that’s important to us experiences illness, an accident, a death, relationship breakdowns or similar can be heartbreaking. We want to help, but our thoughts can get in the way.

Fears and misconceptions are just that. And with the right tools and resources, we’ll show you how to overcome these concerns.

It’s our goal to normalise the act of helping and to empower the community with new ways and educational resources to care for others.

Help Technology

The right help at the right time makes all the difference

Our app helps coordinate the support of friends and family.

As the nominated App Captain, you’re willing to manage the app for your loved one needing support and this is a very trusted, important role towards their recovery. It’s also very simple to use and update information for your Crew Members.

How an App Captain helps

It’s common to feel overwhelmed during hardship. This is the reason why 80% of users enlist a family member or close friend to help set up the app.

Gather your Crew

Invite people to join your Crew. Think of friends, family and anyone who’s offered to help. You can use mobile numbers or phone contacts to send an SMS invite.

Identify help opportunities

If the person you’re assisting is overwhelmed, it’s likely they’ll struggle to think of what others should do to help. Our handy 1 minute questionnaire can make it a little easier. We’ll use the answers to build a list of common help requests, all saved in the Help List.

Shared calendar

The description, date and time for new tasks will be added to the shared calendar and published task list.

Create tasks

To request help, create a task. You can start with a suggestion from the Help List. Or create your own.

“Wednesday is my day off. So I’d be more than happy to walk the dog.”

“I’ll take Anna’s kids with mine to school. Easy since they’re so close by”

Many hands make light work

Using our innovative platform, thousands of everyday people have worked together to support one another. Building a community of kindness to provide sustainable support that meets the needs of those they care about.

App Demo

How to use the app

Help Literacy

If you find it hard to offer help, you’re not alone.

Even when it’s someone we care about, we still have fears, concerns and hesitation when we want to offer help. But if these feelings aren’t managed, they can stop people from receiving the care and support they need.

It is important to remember that offering help is a skill. Like most life skills, it can take practice before it feels natural.

Doing a favour is one thing. But the majority of us are not used to providing essential support. And the unknown is scary.

Through education, information and tools, anyone can overcome the discomfort around helping others or fears about saying the ‘wrong’ thing. Access these resources yourself at our Help Literacy Hub.

User Stories

Real stories, from real people

I didn’t seem able to reach out, to express vulnerability, to ask for help. In talking with a psychotherapist, I thought about others in similar situations. I decided to act. I was not alone as a man struggling to communicate his pain.
When my partner died, I couldn’t ask for help.
It does not need to be an act of huge sacrifice on the part of the support person.
How to provide the RIGHT help to someone doing it tough
It is hard to bear witness to someone else’s pain – and the desire to avoid this pain can leave those in need feeling all alone at a time when community is so important.
We call them hidden angels
When I asked him what he needed right now, he simply said “sleep”.
Reaching out for help saved my life …
Be the person that can just sit with her and handle all of her emotions. Be the person that will not change the topic or pretend her pain isn’t real.
She was just 15 when she died…
When times get tough, it is often the build up of small things that can tip us over the edge.
7 tips on asking for help…

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about our technology

Can I share the admin duties?

Yes. You can allocate as many people to be administrators as you wish. These people can add and delete tasks, invite Crew Members, send messages and edit details. To give a Crew Member admin rights, you need to click on the name of the person in your Crew and allocate them admin rights within their details.

Download the Gather My Crew App

Our app is now available on android and iPhone devices. Visit the GooglePlay Store or AppStore to download the new app!

New users

Learn how to can utilise our technology and resources to provide support that truly makes a difference.

Existing users

Transfer your Crew over to the new app for a better user experience, if you would like to keep using the existing web app – you can.