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Demonstrate a purpose-lead culture

Gather My Crew has been providing free community building technology since 2017. 

Our programs of community support have been generously supported by strategic partners that share the vision that no Australian should go through a crisis alone. Our partners have contributed to the facilitation of many support programs for people in need – such as Transport, Food, Petcare, Social, Medical, Home care and managing Children.

To date, there have been over 180,000 hours of support.

A program sponsorship with Gather My Crew delivers mutual benefits. Our strategic partners benefit from:

  • Brand trust – Build trust and credibility through the authentic storytelling of Gather My Crew networks.
  • Brand consideration – Inspire customers and enhance brand messaging, which leads to increased conversion of commercial opportunities
  • Employee engagement – Demonstrating a purpose-lead culture for employees to be part of and feel more connected to their organisation
  • Marketing collaboration – Leveraging the broad appeal and national status of Gather My Crew and its extensive networks

User Stories

Real stories, from real people

Amanda set up a support crew, Fiona joined a support crew and Madeleine recommends Gather My Crew to her patients.
Amanda, Fiona and Madeleine share their stories
Amanda, a Crew Captain
When her friend’s little toddler was diagnosed with cancer, Amanda set up a support crew to help get the family through. Hear her talk about the benefits of using Gather My Crew to support her friend.
Amanda’s story
His wife had some mental health issues that meant her ability to care for their children when under stress was unpredictable.
Josh’s story
User Story - Kat
At the age of 40, Kat was diagnosed with breast cancer. She needed the help of her ‘support crew’ to get through treatment and recovery.
Kat’s Story
User Story - Merran
When Merran had a serious car accident, her daughter was able to set up a support crew to coordinate help for her at home – even while living interstate.
Merran’s Story
Fiona, a Crew Member
Fiona was part of a support crew for her friend Jodie. Hear her talk about what it was like to use Gather My Crew to help Jodie during this time.
Fiona’s story


Cause related marketing

Cause-related marketing is an opportunity for businesses to align with Gather My Crew and its purpose and beliefs. Through tangible product/service initiatives we will work with your team to create a meaningful partnership that builds loyalty with your existing customers and acquire new brand followers.

If you would like to explore a cause-related marketing program then please contact us.

Support us to make a difference


In-kind partners

It takes a lot of teamwork to manage over 3000 caring crews. Gather My Crew has benefitted from the generosity of many businesses as they have provided their services pro-bono and low-bono since 2017.

If you would like to be one of our in-kind partners then please contact us.

Become a corporate sponsor

If you would like to be one of our corporate sponsors then please contact us.


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