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Asking for help isn’t easy

We’re often reluctant to reach out, even when we need it most. Discover how the Gather My Crew app and resources can support your next steps.


Life can be hard sometimes

Illness, accident, death and relationship breakdowns are just some of the things that can throw normal life into chaos. These are the times when we all need help.

These uncomfortable feelings can stop us getting the help we need. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

To help you overcome these challenges, we offer free tools and resources that step you through the process of building your support network.

Help Technology

Get the right help at the right time

By coordinating friends and family, our app can help you turn offers of ‘let me know what I can do’ into action that meets your unique needs.

Getting started

Feeling overwhelmed is a common reaction to hardship. But you don’t have to do it alone. You can join the 80% of users who enlist the help of a family member or close friend to be their App Captain.

Gather your Crew

Invite people to join your Crew. Think of friends, family and anyone who’s offered to help. Choose people from your phone contacts to send an SMS invite.

Identify help opportunities

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s often hard to suggest ways others can help. Our handy 1 minute questionnaire can help. We’ll use your answers to build a list of common help requests, outlined in your Help List.

Shared calendar

The description, date and time of your tasks will be added to the shared calendar and published task list.

Create tasks

To ask for help, create a task. Easily choose a commonly requested task from your Help List. Or write your own.

“Wednesday is my day off. So I’d be more than happy to walk the dog.”

“I’ll take Anna’s kids with mine to school. Easy since they’re so close by”

Many hands make light work

Gather My Crew has empowered thousands of people needing extra help and those eager to lend a hand. Working together, they provide ongoing and sustained support that meets the needs of people they care about.

App Demo

How to use the app

Help Literacy

Most people don’t like asking for help

But at some point, it’s a life skill we need to learn.

Many of us are so used to putting the needs of others before our own. So it’s understandable that we find it hard to change our habits and thinking patterns.

To help ease this transition, visit our Help Literacy Hub. There’s videos, articles and other educational resources that aim to improve your Help Literacy skills.

Because asking for help isn’t a weakness. It means you have the courage to understand your limits, know your available resources and make good choices for your wellbeing.

User Stories

Real stories, from real people

I didn’t seem able to reach out, to express vulnerability, to ask for help. In talking with a psychotherapist, I thought about others in similar situations. I decided to act. I was not alone as a man struggling to communicate his pain.
When my partner died, I couldn’t ask for help.
It does not need to be an act of huge sacrifice on the part of the support person.
How to provide the RIGHT help to someone doing it tough
It is hard to bear witness to someone else’s pain – and the desire to avoid this pain can leave those in need feeling all alone at a time when community is so important.
We call them hidden angels
When I asked him what he needed right now, he simply said “sleep”.
Reaching out for help saved my life …
Be the person that can just sit with her and handle all of her emotions. Be the person that will not change the topic or pretend her pain isn’t real.
She was just 15 when she died…
When times get tough, it is often the build up of small things that can tip us over the edge.
7 tips on asking for help…

Frequently asked questions

Questions about our app

Who should set up a crew?

The person in need or someone they trust can act as Captain (or administrator). This person is responsible for adding the tasks, inviting Crew Members, and fielding questions from the Crew. If you want to set up a Gather My Crew account for someone else, make sure you ask their permission and ensure they are involved in nominating the help needed.

Download the Gather My Crew App

Our app is now available on android and iPhone devices. Visit the GooglePlay Store or AppStore to download the new app!

New users

Learn how to can utilise our technology and resources to provide support that truly makes a difference.

Existing users

Transfer your Crew over to the new app for a better user experience, if you would like to keep using the existing web app – you can.