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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our app

Needing help starting a Crew, joining a Crew or using our app? Explore all our FAQ topics below.

The person in need or someone they trust can act as the Captain (or administrator). This person is responsible for adding the tasks, inviting Crew Members, and fielding questions from the Crew. If you want to set up a Gather My Crew account for someone else, make sure you ask their permission and ensure they are involved in nominating the help needed.

If you are ready to help by setting up a Crew and acting as the Captain, you can download the Gather My Crew app from the App Store or Google Play.
If you want to help as a Crew Member, you must be invited by the Captain to help out. Crew Members receive an SMS with a link to the Crew and an invitation to join. 

You must click on the invite link sent to you by the App Captain. For privacy reasons, you can not search for Gather My Crew accounts on our website.

The app sends notifications to keep the Crew on track. These are sent when new tasks are added, help is still needed close to a due date and when new Chat Topics are added.
You can control your notifications in the app settings.

Yes. You can allocate as many people to be administrators as you wish. These people can add and delete tasks, invite Crew Members, send messages and edit details. To give a Crew Member admin rights, you need to click on the name of the person in your Crew and provide them with admin access.

Gather My Crew does not use volunteers to help people.

Our app helps people to easily coordinate support from their own network of friends and family.

But if you would like to volunteer with us as part of our Postcode Heroes program to raise awareness in your local area - please get in touch!

Download the app from App Store or Google Play and follow the prompts

Once you have downloaded the app and set up your account, you can create your Crew. This involves naming your Crew, providing some detail about why the Crew is needed, and uploading a photo if you wish.

Your help needs are created in the app as 'tasks'. Once you have entered in the details of each task, it is visible to your Crew Members who can click to accept and help out.

Anyone can be part of your Crew. We encourage you to think broadly about your network. People will surprise you. So don't forget about your neighbours, parents in your child's class, your work colleagues, your faith group or sporting club. 

Yes. Click on the name of the Crew Member you wish to make an administrator. Change their role to 'Administrator'.

You can select Crew Members to be your 'inner circle'. You can then allocate tasks to this group only (when entering task details).  To create your inner circle, click on the name of the Crew Member and change their role.

1. Click on Home or Network tab along the bottom of your screen
2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the profile picture
3. Edit details
4. Save changes

1. Go on Plan tab along the bottom of your screen
2. Click on + icon in the bottom right corner
3. Click to add a task

4. Choose a task from your list or create a custom task
4. Enter task details
5. Save

To add tasks to your default list you need to:
  1. Click on Home tab
  2. Click on the Care Needs box to the bottom left of the profile picture. 
  3. Click 'edit care needs'
  4. Select the changes
  5. Save changes

The 'inner circle' enables you to identify members of your Crew that are the closest to you. Your 'inner circle' will be able to see specific tasks and messages that you allocate/send to this group only. The rest of your Crew will not be able to see these tasks or messages.

Yes. The name of the Crew Member who has accepted the task visible.

1. Click on task
2. Click on ellipse (3 dots) in top right 
3. Edit

1. Click on task
2. Click on ellipse (3 dots) in top right 
3. Delete

In your inbox, you will find the 'Chat' function where you can create Chat Topics to share updates, upload photos and documents. 'Chat' helps you keep all information in the one place and easy to find.


1. Click on Inbox
2. Click on + icon
3. Add topic and image
4. Select if visible to 'inner circle only'
5. Click add topic
6. Click on topic name to get started. 

1. Click on the Network tab along the bottom of your screen.

2. Click on the ellipse (3 dots) to the right of the Crew Members name name.
2. Click delete button.

1. Click on the Home or Network tab along the bottom of your screen.
2. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the profile picture

3. Click on the ellipse (3 dots) in the top right of the screen
4. Click delete


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