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General Information

The person in need or someone they trust can act as Gatherer (or administrator). This person is responsible for adding the tasks, inviting Crew Members, and fielding questions from the Crew. If you want to set up a Gather My Crew account for someone else, make sure you ask their permission and ensure they are involved in nominating the help needed.

Gather My Crew does not use volunteers. Our technology helps people to easily coordinate support from their own network of friends and family.

Use any of the ‘register’ links on the website. They are located in the menu or at the bottom of each page. The link will take you to our registration page.

You must click on the invite link sent to you by the Gatherer. This may be a an email or a URL link. For privacy reasons, you can not search for Gather My Crew accounts on our website.

If you are using a URL link, once you register, you will need to wait for the Gatherer to accept you into the Crew before proceeding. This added security feature is to ensure the Gatherer is in control of who is able to access the account.

Gatherers. We send update emails the morning BEFORE a task is due. We include the details of who has accepted the task – or a notification if it remains unallocated. We do not send emails to Crew Members every time a new task is added (we send an update email on Sunday evenings if tasks have been added in the previous week). If you want to inform Crew Members of new tasks, send them an update via group email in the ‘Chat’ function.

Crew Members. We send an email the morning BEFORE your task is due. This will remind you what needs to be done and includes contact details for the Gatherer. We also send emails if a task remains unallocated to see if you can help out. We send emails on Sunday evenings if new tasks have been added during the week to prompt you to check your account.

Yes. You can allocate as many people to be administrators as you wish. These people can add and delete tasks, invite Crew Members, send messages and edit details. To give a Crew Member admin rights, you need to click on the name of the person in your Crew and allocate them admin rights within their details.

When you are creating a Crew, you can use the ‘quick admin invite’ on the first page to invite someone to become a joint-administrator of the Crew. It is a quick and easy way to get the admin rights set up so that you can create the account together.

I am a Gatherer

You need to create a Gather My Crew account by clicking on one of the ‘register links’ on the website. Follow the prompts to get set up.

Once registered, you will be taken to the ‘Create a Crew’ page where you will; add a photo, name your Crew, and add the details of why the Crew is need. You can also invite another person to act as a joint administrator with you via the ‘quick admin invite’.

  1. Select the TASKS tab
  2. Click the + button at the bottom of the page
  3. Choose a task category
  4. Select a task from the expanded task list. Keep selecting tasks, or
  5. Enter task details
  6. Save as Draft or Publish to calendar.

Click on the ‘tasks’ tab.

You can select Crew Members to be part of your ‘inner circle’ – only they will be able to see the tasks you create as ‘inner circle’ tasks (in the task details section).

This is where all of your task requests are presented. It shows every task and their current status (accepted or unallocated). This online calendar connects the Gatherer to all of the Crew Members. Any changes made on this calendar are immediately updated for all Crew Members in their account.

These circles represent the status of the task. For Gatherers, blue circles represent an accepted task and red circles represent an unallocated task. For Crew Members, blue circles are the tasks you have personally accepted, red tasks are unallocated and grey tasks have been accepted by another Crew Member. When tasks are marked as finished, the circle becomes green.

Click the + button at the bottom of the page.
Add a new or Saved task directly to the calendar.

Click on a date with a coloured circle.
Select the task entry and the details are displayed.
You can now Edit and Save’ or Delete the task.

Full details can be found by expanding the date that you are interested in and clicking on the task.

You must complete ‘date’ and ‘details’ sections in order to be publish a task.

Click on the ‘Tasks’ tab and then on the ‘+’ button. Select the tasks you would like to add from the list provided and choose if you would like to ‘save’ or ‘publish’.

Only Crew Members who are in your inner circle will be able to see and accept the tasks you identify as ‘inner circle’. You can designate Crew Members as ‘inner circle’ by clicking on the name of the Crew Member is your Crew list and editing their details.

Click on the task that you want to delete – either via the ‘calendar’ tab or ‘tasks’ tab. Click on the ‘delete’ button within the details section. If the task due to be completed within the next 48 hours, an email will be sent to the person who had selected this task.

Click on the task that you still need help with. When the details for this task are visible, you will see the ‘Re-broadcast’ button. Click on this button and the task will be re-broadcast to your Crew (via email) letting them know that you still need help. You can also send a message to your Crew requesting extra help via the message function in your account.

Anyone can be a part of your Crew. We encourage you to think broadly about your network. People will surprise you. So don’t forget about your neighbours, the parents in your child’s class, your work colleagues, your partners work colleagues, and your religious or sporting group.

You can (i) circulate a URL link that can be shared by others or (ii) invite people individually by email (or you can do a mixture of the two).

The URL link is a much quicker and easier way to invite a larger number of people (or if you do not have their email addresses). Simply copy the link and then add it to an email, SMS or Facebook post. To ensure you remain in control of who joins the Crew, you will need to ‘accept’ each person as they request to join.

If you would like to keep your Crew small and intimate, consider the email invite option. Each of these email invites are unique and can not be shared.

  1. Select the CREW tab
  2. Click on the + button at the bottom of the page
  3. Choose the URL link or email invite
  4. URL link: copy the link and paste in a group email, SMS, or Facebook post. This link can be shared by others. You will need to ‘accept’ people who wish to join your Crew.
  5. Email invite: enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. They will be sent a tailored email invitation that cannot be shared. You do not need to ‘accept’ these people as you have invited them directly.

The ‘inner circle’ button allows you to identify members of your Crew that you would feel comfortable doing your most sensitive tasks (for example, bathing children, changing surgical dressings, sitting with you when you are unwell, or cooking for people with allergies). When you identify a person as part of your inner circle, they will be able to see and accept the tasks you identify as ‘inner circle’ (in the task details section) – whereas the rest of your Crew will not be able to see these tasks.

People lead busy lives. It is a common habit to open an email, read it and leave it to act upon at a later time – only to forget about it all together! If you have not had any responses to your emails, try sending them again.

Click on the ‘Crew’ tab.  You will see a list of the people who have accepted your invitation and joined the Crew. Only people who have responded to your invite will be visible in this list.

If you have used this URL link – this list will include Crew Members who have followed the URL and are ‘pending’. You will need to accept these Crew Members to enter the Crew. We have added this feature to ensure that the Gatherer remains in control of who is a part of their Crew.

The ‘Crew’ tab allows you to see all of the information about your Crew Members. It includes their contact details, their role within the Crew (admin or inner circle) and any tasks they have selected. You can also add new Crew Members and delete existing Crew Members using the ‘Crew’ tab.

(i) Go to your calendar and identify tasks you are interested in. When you click on an accepted task, the details will become visible. At the bottom of these details you will see ‘Task accepted by’.

(ii) Go to your Crew list via the Crew tab. When you click on a selected Crew Member their details will become visible. Here you will find a list of the tasks they have accepted.

Go to the Crew tab. Click on the person you wish to delete. Click on the Delete Member’ button. They will be removed from your Crew list and will no longer be able to access your Crew. We will send them an email to notify them.

The chat function allows you to communicate with all your Crew Members at once. Think of the chat function as a bulletin board, a forum, a group email, or instant messaging. How you use it is up to you. You can restrict who sees your messages by using the Inner Circle selection.

  1. Select the CHAT tab
  2. Click on the + button at the bottom of the page
  3. Enter a topic of discussion and a short description
  4. Click ‘Post online’ if you want to add to your message board
  5. Click ‘Send as email’ if you want to send a group email to your Crew Members.

The details tab is where you will find all of the details of your Crew. It is located in the top left of the dashboard. Select the DETAILS tab to view. Here you can; 1. Change Crew name, 2. Update Crew details, 3. Update Crew profile picture and 4. Delete your Crew.

Go to the ‘Details’ tab. Click on the edit button and then ‘delete Crew’ button. An email will be sent to all of your Crew Members to notify them that the Crew has been closed.

I am a Crew Member

Accept the electronic invite you have been sent and register your Gather My Crew account. You will not be able to join a Crew without this invite.

If you have accepted a URL invite you must wait until the Gatherer accepts you. This is an added security feature to make sure the Gatherer is in control of who can access the account.

When you login to your account you will see a calendar. This calendar combines all of the help requests. Full details of each help request can be viewed by clicking on a circle. Accept a task by clicking the ‘accept task’ button.

To see the tasks in a list – rather than a calendar – click on the ‘Tasks’ tab. Click on a task to see the full details and accept by clicking the ‘accept task’ button.

When you accept a task the circle will turn blue and will be visible in ‘My Tasks’ under the Tasks tab.

Don’t forget to put your tasks in your diary.

The coloured circles represent the status of the tasks. For Crew Members, blue circles are the tasks you have personally accepted, red tasks are unallocated and grey tasks have been accepted by another Crew Member. When tasks are marked as finished, the circle becomes green.

The full details for each task can be viewed in the calendar. Expand the date that you are interested in and click on a task to see the full details.

  1. Click on a date with a coloured circle.
  2. Select the task entry and the details are displayed.
  3. You can now Accept the task.
  1. Select the TASKS tab
  2. Click the Unallocated filter
  3. Choose a task category
  4. Select a task from the expanded task list and review the details
  5. Can you carry out this task? Press Accept Task
  6. This task has been added to your My Tasks list.

Login to you account to mark the task as ‘Completed’.

  1. Select the TASKS tab
  2. Click the My Tasks filter
  3. Select a task from list
  4. Press Task Completed.

Think of it like a bulletin board or group email. Chat allows you to communicate with your Gatherer on a topic they choose. Crew Members can not initiate new topics.

Respond to messages from your Gatherer via the ‘chat’ tab in your account.
  1. Select the CHAT tab
  2. Click on the message you want to respond
  3. See the ‘add comment’ field at the bottom of the page.
  4. Write your message in this field.
  5. Click on the icon of the paper plane.
  6. Your message has been posted!

Settings are located in the Menu top right. Here you can 1. Change your profile picture, 2. Edit your contact details, 3. Reset your password or 3. Delete your account.

If the task is urgent or a high priority, make sure you contact the Gatherer directly (contact details are listed in the ‘details’ tab). If the task is not urgent, click on the task in your calendar and use the ‘Withdraw’ button. An email alert will be sent to the Gatherer.

Only the Gatherer can see all of the allocated tasks. Each Crew Member can only see the tasks that they have selected and the tasks that remain unallocated.

A full list is visible by clicking on the Crew tab. We do not publish the details of Crew Members for privacy reasons. If you need to contact someone, but do not have their details, you will need to contact the Gatherer.

Go to the Menu. Go to ‘Settings’. Click on the ‘Delete Account’ button. An email will be sent to your Gatherer to notify them.

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