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Coordinating Support: From Meal Trains to Gather My Crew

AUTHOR: Nikki Lovell

In times of hardship, the support of a caring community can be a lifeline, providing comfort and assistance when it is needed the most. Coordinating support for individuals and families facing challenging circumstances is essential, and platforms like Meal Train have played a pioneering role in this space. Today, we explore the evolution of support coordination, highlighting how Meal Train paved the way and how Gather My Crew has built upon this concept, taking community care to new heights.

1. The Rise of Meal Trains: Pioneers in Support Coordination

Meal Trains emerged as a groundbreaking platform, revolutionising the way communities coordinate support for those in need. With a focus on meal deliveries, Meal Trains provided a structured approach, enabling friends, family, and neighbours to sign up for specific dates and coordinate home-cooked meals. This platform served as a catalyst, fostering a sense of community and nurturing the spirit of giving.

2. Beyond Meals: Expanding the Scope of Support

While Meal Train focused primarily on coordinating meal deliveries, the need for support often extends beyond the realm of food. Gather My Crew recognised this and built upon the foundation laid by Meal Train to expand the scope of support coordination. It acknowledges that during challenging times, individuals require assistance in various forms, including childcare, transportation, household chores, and emotional support. Our Gather My Crew app broadens the possibilities, providing a comprehensive platform for coordinating diverse types of assistance.

3. Seamlessly Centralised Support: The Power of Gather My Crew

The Gather My Crew app acts as a hub, enabling users to create a network of support, coordinate multiple tasks, and communicate in real-time. From organising meals to managing childcare arrangements and everything in between, our app ensures the entire support system is seamlessly integrated, enhancing efficiency and simplifying the coordination process.

4. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The Key to Effective Support

One of the key advantages that our Gather My Crew app brings is its emphasis on communication and collaboration. While Meal Train allowed individuals to sign up for specific tasks, Gather My Crew enables ongoing communication. This fosters stronger connections and deeper engagement. You can share updates, express gratitude, and coordinate assistance in real-time, creating a more dynamic and responsive community of care.

5. Personalised and Tailored Support: Meeting Unique Needs

We recognise that every situation is unique, and support should be tailored to meet specific needs. The app provides flexibility and customisation. This means you define your requirements and preferences. From dietary restrictions to preferred dates and times, our Gather My Crew app empowers you to receive the support that aligns with your circumstances. It’s a personalised and meaningful experience.

6. Australian charity and help desk

We’re an Australian charity, and we provide our app for free to anyone in Australia. We also provide a Help Desk. This means we can support you to use the app and answer any questions you have.

Support coordination has come a long way, thanks to pioneers like Meal Train, who revolutionised the concept of organising care within communities. We’ve taken this concept to new heights with our Gather My Crew app. With its centralised platform, enhanced communication features, and focus on personalised care, the Gather My Crew app empowers communities to provide comprehensive and tailored assistance during challenging times. If you have questions about our app, check out our FAQ’s or send us a message today. We would love to hear from you.

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