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We call them hidden angels

AUTHOR: Dr Susan Palmer

They are the people who, before this all happened, you did not think of as part of your inner circle.

But when times get tough, they are the people that just keep turning up.

They are not your closest of friends… and often they are not the people you expected to be there for you. They are the hidden supports that come to the fore during your darkest days and can become the most precious part of your experience.

It might be the neighbour three doors down that you only ever waved ‘hello’ to or that old school friend you have not seen for 10 years. It could be a parent in your kids class, a work colleague who you never socialised with or someone from the group at the dog park.

I was reminded of the power of these wonderful people this weekend when I read a comment by Rosie Batty in The Age on Sunday. She says “People that you think are going to go the distance… you look around and realise you no longer hear from them. For me, I felt senses of abandonment and rejection”. She goes on to say that the upside is that “amazing people come in”.

It is hard to bear witness to someone else’s pain – and the desire to avoid this pain can leave those in need feeling all alone at a time when community is so important.

But it is important to remember that walking among us are ‘hidden angels’. Those who step up to support people during their darkest hour, who take the step past just saying ‘let me know how I can help’ and who build lasting and powerful relationships for life.

We want to send a shout out to all the hidden angels out there.

You are the definition of empathy and community.


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