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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A simple way to coordinate help for those self-isolating.

For people who are vulnerable, such as the elderly and those with compromised immunity, self-isolation is a necessary precaution.

We can work together to support them through this period – even when we can’t have close contact.

Use Gather My Crew to bring together a friendship group, a family, social club or neighbourhood to support the more vulnerable.

And don’t forget those in your street who may not have a support network… Get some neighbours together and create a ‘Street Crew’ to support them too.

Set up a ‘support crew’ in 5 simple steps using Gather My Crew

Whether you decide to set up a formal ‘support crew’ or just want to do something kind for a person you know, here are a list of ideas that you can start with.

Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact during these times.

  • Drop off bread and milk
  • Leave thoughtful ‘food offerings’, such as baked goods or fresh fruit
  • Drop over books, games or movies
  • Collect deliveries and/or parcels from the post office
  • Post letters and/or parcels
  • Collect medications
  • Collect ‘non essential’ items – such as extra wool for a knitting project or paint for a painting
  • Organise regular skype calls or phone ‘check ins’ to provide social connection
  • Walk the dog
  • Drop off toilet paper
  • Shop for fresh food

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