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6 helpful tips when delivering a meal to someone in need

AUTHOR: Nikki Lovell

1. Check the Gather My Crew task

Ok, ok, this might seem obvious, but we have to say it! Make sure you read the task clearly in the Gather My Crew app to see if the recipient has specified any dietary requirements or instructions for how they would like the meal delivered. For instance, they might have an esky or box outside their front door where all meals should be placed.

2. Use a container they can keep

Make it easy and deliver your meal in containers the recipient can keep. Reuse your takeaway containers or check out your local op shop for cheap dishes. You might even find a cute vintage casserole dish! When someone is in the middle of a crisis, this thoughtful gesture alleviates additional work and stress for them.

3. Label any items you need returned

If it isn’t possible to gift the containers, make sure you clearly label any items you need returned. Other people will also be providing meals, which means multiple dishes for the recipient to manage. Send along a bag pre-labelled with your name and a note to leave the bag out front (or somewhere else convenient) and you can pick it up.  

4. Include clear preparation instructions… and nice thoughts!

Make the meal as ready to eat as possible! And if there are any final preparation steps, write them out clearly. Also state what your dish is; it might not be as obvious as you think! You can also use this opportunity to share personal words to let the recipient know you are thinking of them.

5. Add a surprise

Your recipient knows a meal is coming but you can add in something extra as a surprise. For someone who is on bedrest, healing from a surgery, or struggling to get out of the house, light reading such as a magazine or a favourite book would be a nice addition. If you know the person well, you might think of something else to make them feel extra loved during this time.

6. Get snap happy

When you’ve prepped your delicious meal, take a picture of everything ready to go and share it with friends. Let’s normalise asking for, and offering help, and inspire others to gather their crew when life gets tough. If posting on social media, use #gathermycrew so we can see your photo too.

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