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Helping people, help people

Our easy to use resources make it simple to provide the right help, at the right time, to people in need.

How Gather My Crew began

As a psychologist working with cancer patients, I would often talk to families about turning the ‘lasagna-shaped parcels of love’ that turn up at their front door into the help they really needed.

We call them hidden angels

They are the people who, before this all happened, you did not think of as part of your inner circle. But when times get tough, they are the people that just keep turning up.

She was just 15 when she died

Be the person that can just sit with her and handle all of her emotions. Be the person that will not change the topic or pretend her pain isn’t real.

The essential role played by friends and family

A cancer survivor once told me that she felt there was no point in being alive because she had lost all of her friends, her place within her local community, and she had no one who understood what she has just lived through…

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