Help Literacy Audience: Get Help

Helen’s story

My daughter came running out to find me in a pool of blood, screaming in pain; I had broken my knee, wrist and nose but my wrist was the worst with the bone protruding through the skin…

User Story - Martine

Martine’s story

I love helping others but find it unreasonably difficult to accept help from anyone, let alone ask for it…

Madeleine, a Registered Nurse

Madeleine’s story

Madeleine talks about how Gather My Crew is used to support people following hospital discharge to get the care they need

7 things to remember when you need help

It is hard asking for help. Dr Susan Palmer takes you through the 7 most important things to remember when you need help – but are feeling uncomfortable asking for it

Helping people, help people

Our easy to use resources make it simple to provide the right help, at the right time, to people in need.

User Story - Jodie

Jodie’s Story

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Jodie needed help to get to her appointments.
One day she was completely stuck, and so put a request up on Facebook…

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