User Story - Jodie

Jodie’s Story

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Jodie needed help to get to her appointments.
One day she was completely stuck, and so put a request up on Facebook…

Kayla’s story

Kayla’s biggest concern was finding ways to keep the boys lives as ‘normal’ as possible despite the loss of their father.

Frank’s story

Frank was a much loved member of the dog park community. You get to know people really well when you spend every morning with them… rain, hail or shine.

Sasha’s story

When Sasha’s Mum died, friends kept saying ‘let me know if I can help’ but, numb with loss, she could not even think what she needed.

Roxanne’s Story

In the blink of an eye, Brendan was admitted to hospital and flown by Royal Flying Doctors to Brisbane – a 9 hour drive from home.

Jock’s story

I didn’t seem able to reach out, to express vulnerability, to ask for help. In talking with a psychotherapist, I thought about others in similar situations. I decided to act. I was not alone as a man struggling to communicate his pain.

Angelo’s story

“I can’t tell you how much easier it is to cope with things when you know that help is on the way” he told me. “Reaching out for help saved my life”.

Rohan’s Story

My cancer treatment was one hours drive away from my home – and I had to travel there every day.

A story about asking for help

She went to bed feeling completely overwhelmed and woke to find every task she listed the day before had been accepted by friends just waiting to be asked.

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