Rohan's Story

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I used Gather My Crew for myself and my family whilst I underwent treatment for breast cancer. I live in a regional part of Western Australia and have two young children who I needed help with. I had to travel every day to a regional…

Kat's Story

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In early December 2018, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some seriously aggressive chemotherapy treatment began 10 days later and immediately had me in need of help. Having two little boys to care for, the only way to…
Merran's recovery from car accident

Merran's Story

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I was involved in a serious car accident in December last year. When I came home from hospital I was still in a pretty bad state. Even now I am not able to weight bear on my right leg and this makes the simplest of tasks impossible. My daughter…
Premature twins

Victoria's Story

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My twin girls, Beth and Alice, were born at 33 weeks and 4 days due to an emergency C-section. Beth was on the small size and had poor placenta blood flow.  Beth was 1.5kg and Alice was 2kg. The girls were all good for the first 24 hours…
Anna and Craig

Anna's Story

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November 21st 2015 will be a date forever etched in our memories. A day where time seemed suspended, and life as we knew it was turned so unexpectedly on its head. My husband Craig was involved in a hit and run accident on the outskirts of…

Roxanne's Story

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My husband Brendan was diagnosed with Leukaemia on a Thursday.... He was only 3 days from being 40, our little ones were 7 and 3. We had had a busy few months with both of us working full time, Brendan as a shift worker in our Central…

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