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Why give through your workplace?

Workplace giving with Gather My Crew is one of most powerful ways you can help impact the support provided to people going through a crisis. Your contribution will ensure Australians feel supported and more able to ask for, offer and accept help.

Regular giving through your workplace also enables Gather My Crew to plan for the future and ultimately make a greater difference to the lives of Australians.

How it works for employees?

Workplace giving enables you as an employee to make a real difference through regular donations from your pre-tax pay while going about your everyday work.

By donating money directly through your payroll system, you can obtain the tax benefit immediately, rather than applying at the end of the financial year.

  • You can donate as much or little as you like (minimum $1)
  • There’s no need for you to remember to make a payment each month
  • You can opt out anytime – you have full control over your giving
  • It’s a tax effective way to give to a charity – costing you less to give more because your nominated donation is deducted from your salary on each pay day, before deducting your tax
  • Your place of work may also match your donation – making your donation even more significant

Contact your payroll officer or human resources department to get set up on the workplace giving platform and then you will receive updates on how your donation is helping support Australians going through a crisis.

How it works for employers?

Workplace giving is simple to set up and run and is an excellent way to show support for your employees’ charitable giving. It’s also a great way for you to demonstrate commitment to the causes your employees care about. It can also:

  • Boost staff morale and motivation – aiding retention and recruitment of staff
  • Enhance your company’s charitable giving with little effort or cost to you
  • Enhance your organisation’s corporate social responsibility and community programs
  • Allow you to monitor the level of charitable giving your company has achieved

Become a fundraising partner

If you would like to become a fundraising partner then please contact us.


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