Helping people, help people.

We’re changing how people offer and ask for help with innovative technology and help literacy resources.

Help TechnologyThe right help at the right time

Thousands of people have used our app to provide and ask for meaningful support.

By coordinating friends and family, we help turn offers of ‘let me know what I can do’ into action that makes a difference.

Help LiteracyEmpowering people to help people

Our Help Literacy Hub offers new perspectives and guidance on how to offer and ask for help.

During tough times, most people want to help in a meaningful way. We worry about saying the wrong thing, intruding or being insensitive.

But we don’t realise, offering, asking and receiving help are learned skills. It’s why we created our Help Literacy Hub. Our education platform to improve the community’s help literacy skills.

What does our app doCoordinate compassion into meaningful support

We asked health experts about ways to support others better.

Our innovative app is a result of their advice.

During difficult times, plenty of people will ask, ‘What can I do to help.’ But if you’re overwhelmed, it’s often difficult to answer.

And if an idea comes to us later, we can hesitate to follow up. Reaching out to everyone can be too draining.

Our app is the answer, a support network management platform. Put simply, you invite people to join and let them know what they can do to help. We’ll take care of the rest.

Asking for helpMake the most of your support network

If asking for support feels difficult, you’re not alone.

We’re here to help you overcome the challenges when reaching out for help.

To start, we recommend following our how-to app guide. It walks you through the first steps to invite people to your Crew and creating new tasks.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s okay. You can to nominate a App Captain to help you get started. In fact, 80% of our users have a family member or close friend to help setup tasks and manage the Crew.

How to give helpThe right support makes a real difference

We’re here to help you support the people you care about.

We naturally want to help someone going through a tough time. We suggest thinking about their specific needs. This allows you to make suggestions that suit their situation.

A good example of meaningful support is to volunteer being a App Captain. This is a family member or close friend that helps someone set up the Gather My Crew app.

But if you’re not that close, you’ll find plenty of helpful inspiration at the Help Literacy Hub.

Recommend our appFree referral resources for health, community and support workers

Many hands make light work.

We’re passionate about empowering the community with help technology and education. But we can’t do it alone.

We partner with leading hospitals, non-profit and community organisations to spread the word about Gather My Crew.

You can download our free information pack to share information about our free app and resources with clients, patients and colleagues.

Or we can visit the workplace for a training session or present at your next education day. We’d love to meet you and your team!

Referral Partners

Once you partner with us, you’ll join our team of Australia’s leading hospitals, non-profit and community organisations. Together, we are building a community of people, helping people.

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