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Events that impact the emotional wellbeing of your staff have the potential to adversely affect their overall health and performance. This is why businesses engage employee assistance programs to offer emotional and psychological support to employees.

However, while these programs provide access to essential counselling services, they do not offer the practical help that is often needed during tough times. For example, while talking to a counsellor about your partner’s cancer diagnosis is helpful for processing emotional distress – it does not get the kids to and from school, put meals on the family table, do the laundry or take your partner to their next appointment so that you can remain at work in order to support the family financially. This is where Gather My Crew comes in.

By adding Gather My Crew to the wellbeing supports you offer, your employees can access the counselling provided by the EAP while also gathering the practical support they need to get through these tough times.

We are now offering businesses an opportunity to add Gather My Crew to the wellbeing supports offered to their employees. If you would like to learn more about how Gather My Crew can enhance the wellbeing support provided to your employees, contact us to set up a time to discuss.

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We provide businesses with a branded landing page detailing (i) the benefits of Gather My Crew, (ii) how the technology can be used and (iii) how it complements the other wellbeing supports offered by the business (eg EAP). ​We modify each landing page to represent brand guidelines and communication preferences.

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