When my partner died, I couldn't ask for help.

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 I'm sharing my story in the hope others will reach out. By Jock Cheetham, Journalist and Academic. It began, as it often does, with two people falling in love. We met across our keyboards, typing away as subeditors at the Sydney Morning…

We call them hidden angels

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They are the people who, before this all happened, you did not think of as part of your inner circle. But when times get tough, they are the people that just keep turning up. They are not your closest of friends… and often they are not…

And he thought he was all alone...

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For years he had spent his mornings at the local dog walking park with his much loved sausage dogs - all 3 of them! He would wander around chatting to all the other dog owners, checking how they were going and remembering their important…

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