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She was just 15 when she died…

I had met her a few months earlier. She had just been told by her oncologist that she had only weeks to live. Her doctors thought that talking to a psychologist might help… When we met, she was equal parts angry, heartbroken and terrified. She would lash out at those around her. Suddenly drop to […]

Helping out with meals just got easier…

There has been a lot of talk over the past weeks and months about food delivery. Dropping off a meal to someone who is vulnerable or doing it tough is a special way to offer support. While rostering meals is just one of many tasks you can coordinate with Gather My Crew, we recognise it […]

It’s time to get creative…

It has been a difficult time. No doubt about it. The human need to connect has been challenged on all levels throughout the COVID-19 crisis. And – while our social media feeds have been flooded with powerful stories of community connection and engagement – it can be hard to link what we see online with […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A simple way to coordinate help for those self-isolating. For people who are vulnerable, such as the elderly and those with compromised immunity, self-isolation is a necessary precaution. We can work together to support them through this period – even when we can’t have close contact. Use Gather My Crew to bring together a friendship […]

Bushfire recovery

A simple way to coordinate help for those recovering from the bushfires Friends, family, neighbours and community play an essential role in coping during tough times. It is a long road ahead – but connecting to your community (both near and far) can assist with rebuild and recovery. Gather My Crew can be used in […]

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