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The essential role played by friends and family

A few years ago I was working as a psychologist supporting people with cancer and I sat down with a woman who had just finished her last chemotherapy treatment. You would expect this to be a happy time – triumphant even – but the first thing she said to me after enduring months of horrid […]


How Gather My Crew began…

I have spent almost 20 years supporting people and families going through crisis. As a psychologist, my job involves helping people find a way through the chaos and confusion. Supporting them to put one foot in front of the other until they can find their way out of the darkness. Regardless of the issues they […]

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Rohan’s Story

I used Gather My Crew for myself and my family whilst I underwent treatment for breast cancer. I live in a regional part of Western Australia and have two young children who I needed help with. I had to travel every day to a regional centre an hour away from my home for treatment. I was […]

10 helpful hints from Gather My Crew users…

1. Don’t try to set everything up at once Filling everything out at once can get overwhelming – and takes time. I found it much easier to set up just a few tasks to get things rolling – and then come back and add some more over the next week or so. 2. Use Facebook to […]

A story about asking for help…

This is the story about an amazing woman who was one of the first users of Gather My Crew. She was a sole parent to two young boys after her husband died from cancer 5 years earlier who now found herself facing her own cancer fight having been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was understandably overwhelmed […]

5 tips for schools using Gather My Crew…

Gather My Crew is a perfect solution for schools trying to coordinate help and support for members of their community. Many schools are great at coordinating meals for families in need but there is so much more that the school can offer – and Gather My Crew can facilitate this. With a Gather My Crew […]

Top 10 ways you can help…

When someone we know is going through a tough time, it is a natural response to want to offer some help. Many of us show our desire to help by giving flowers or cooking a meal. And while these offers of support come from a place of love… there are so many more practical ways […]

Why we must stop saying ‘let me know if I can help’…

Earlier this year, and after several years of treatment, my beautiful mum passed away. The five weeks leading up to her death were equal parts sacred and brutal on my body, mind and soul as days were consumed with travel and care for her, emotional despair, physical exhaustion and juggling a young family. During these […]

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Kat’s Story

In early December 2018, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some seriously aggressive chemotherapy treatment began 10 days later and immediately had me in need of help. Having two little boys to care for, the only way to lower my load of stress was to Gather My Crew of support […]

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Merran’s Story

I was involved in a serious car accident in December last year. When I came home from hospital I was still in a pretty bad state. Even now I am not able to weight bear on my right leg and this makes the simplest of tasks impossible. My daughter had many of my friends offering […]

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